Thursday, 29 June 2017

How Can Small Businesses Give Competition To Their “Large Competitors”?

Big companies have so many advantages, after all. They have a more recognizable brand, and they can easily outspend you on marketing and advertising to keep that advantage. They can use economies of scale to undercut you on pricing, they can use their resources to buy bigger, better stores or fancier equipment, and much more.

How Can Small Businesses Give Competition To Their “Large Competitors”?

Still small businesses can be beneficial for the to-be customers in many ways:

  • Small businesses are flexible
  • They adjust quickly to industry changes 
  • They have a healthy face-to-face interaction and
  • Build a healthy rapport with them.

A brief on how to distinguish your small business from bigger competitors.

Target market –Target a specific customer niche and focus on the services benefiting those customers.

Customer service – Provide a platform that creates the best customer experience for your customers.

Create Tempting Offers –Design your service packages as per the customer's demand. Give limited free access or money back guarantees or free trial for a limited time.

Be the expert – Shape Your business to be the expert of your field.

Easy To Do Business With – Intervene and regularly update your business model suiting the market and public demand.Be reachable via text or email 24×7. Be the most easy and convenient business to work with.

Price is not always the best segment that can help you to distinguish yourself yet it is a differentiating factor but to a certain extent. Cheaper evokes the perceptions of having lower quality goods or a business that is less stable and is struggling to establish itself many a times.

Personalized Customer Interaction

The complaints lashed out at the bigger brands for their poor customer service is evident that small businesses can capitalize on the same. 

Being a small local business you are familiar with the faces.

Talking to your customers regarding their regular schedule, their kids and the weather is the personalized touch that you can give to your customer interaction. 

You can also attach the picture of the savings information of before and after they shopped from your business to your invoice using Moon Invoice App. Paying attention to the subtle customer information makes them feel important to your business.


You – The One Handling The Business

The stronghold of a small business is the individual working hard to get it settled amongst the competition and that individual is you. Yes, we mean you the one behind the business, you who works day and night to serve your community and the local market. 

You can take help from technology to make things easier for you. 

There are various invoice apps in the market that aid you in running your business successfully such as Moon Invoice. 

Invoice apps like Moon Invoice App are the best way of tracking your:

  • Account statements for the customers as well as for the vendors
  • Recurring invoice and overdue expenses
  • Service support and product invoices and other estimates
  • Daily, monthly & yearly invoices with the help of recurring invoices & expenses.

Take time out for placing your morals and values in your business and then find the best way to put out the message of you being a healthy and customer friendly small business.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kotlin – New Programming Language for Android App Development

The annual Google I/O conference is one of the most awaited ones, for the new tech surprises and announcements it heralds. This year too was no different, with Google announcing its first-class support for Kotlin as a key language for Android App Development.

Kotlin – New Programming Language for Android App Development

More on Kotlin

Kotlin is basically a statically typed programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine, like Java. Named after an island near St. Petersburgh, Russia, Kotlin has been developed by JetBrains, the same company that has developed tools like IntelliJ.

Java, along with C++ had so far been Google’s principle language for developing Android Apps. But, maybe not anymore, as here come Kotlin that is completely interoperable with Java. Starting with Android Studio 3.0, Kotlin will come included, so additional setup or installation will not be required for the Android developers.

Kotlin and Java

As a language, Kotlin is a lot similar to Java, like being statically typed and object-oriented. Being a new language, Kotlin comes loaded with lots of new features, cleaner syntax and more such enhancements which are not present in Java. On the other hand, Java is a very old language, more prone to errors, run time exceptions and is verbose.

Kotlin for Android App Development

Kotlin is an incredible language for developing Apps by Android App Development Company, as it is cutting edge and comes with a lot of features and functionalities that are not present in other programming languages like Java. There are many benefits for an Android App Development company to go with Kotlin, namely

  • Speed and Performance – A Kotlin application with its support for an inline function, and similar by tecode structure, runs faster than the same code developed in Java.
  • Compatibility – Kotlin is entirely compatible with JDK 6, which makes it run even on older Android devices without any issues.
  • Interoperability – Kotlin is completely and seamlessly interoperable with Java, which means developers can use all the existing Android libraries in a Kotlin application. This interoperable feature is one of the major enticing factors for Android App Developers.
  • More efficient – Kotlin takes 20% fewer lines of code than Java, which means fewer bugs, faster to develop and compile, and therefore lower costs. The best part is, there are no Null Pointer Extensions, which means no crashes. Moreover, Kotlin being Open Source means it is entirely free to use and develop. 

Easier to learn and adopt – For developers who are already familiar with Java, taking to Kotlin is easier, as the syntax is lean, intuitive, simple, and similar. The Java to Kotlin converter plugin is of great help when you get started.

Will Kotlin replace Java?

There are no two thoughts that Java is the Dad here. Java has been around for a very long time, as compared to Kotlin.  While Java being extensively used my millions of developers till date, it is safe to assume that Java is here to stay for some more time. It may be a smart idea to combine and use Kotlin along with Java in the applications. Google has also clarified that Kotlin will only be an additional programming language, and is not a replacement for either Java or C++.

The Future of Kotlin

Google is tying up with JetBrains to create a nonprofit foundation to foster the Kotlin language. Kotlin is expected to run natively on other platforms like iOS and MacOS and compile on JS for web development. With a strong support and backing from the IT giant Google and commitment from JetBrains, Kotlin seems to have started with a firm footing and even may rule in the next few years.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2017

World Wide Developer Conference is a platform to discuss annual software and hardware releases by Apple. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief is going to reveal some major updates in forthcoming WWDC, 2017.
Anticipated Announcements at WWDC 2017
This will include release of IOS 11, speaker with personal assistant – Siri and an upgrade for its WatchOS, MacOS, TV OS, MacBooks and MacMini etc. Although it is geared up for, developers but consumers can watch it too. iMac’s will soon replace MacPro as later have not been able to fulfil the needs of the users.

Updated IOS Design

IOS App Developers have introduced dark mode feature, which will be released with IOS 11. It will enable iPhones work with organic LED and save battery as Apple watch does. Dark mode was available for TV and Macbooks only, but now, it will be made available for iphone.

Stylus Support

Safari and Mail have been updated to allow stylus to be used for annotations.

Multiuser Account Support

An improvement in ipad’s multitasking feature and simultaneously support for multiple user accounts can be seen in iPad Pro.


Apple Music has decided to take lead in developing its own original video for all its future updates.

Speakers with Siri
Speakers with inbuilt Siri will be an answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo. It will have virtual surround sound system and will function as a hub for HomeKit. Siri features can even be built into core mobile app. Cylindrical shaped Siri speakers will feature Beats Technology for playing music in playback and will be run over modified OS version.
MacOS Updates / WatchOS Updates / TV OS Updates
Apple will have to update its laptops to support the latest processors by Intel – Kaby Lake. Also, a larger version of MacBook Pro might be made available with increased storage space.
Microsoft recently launched Surface laptop in competition to Macbook Air of Apple. Apple has been selling Macbook Air at $1000 recently and sales have been rising. Apple is going to refresh its Macbook line of PC’s and might also offer new range of Macbooks as it has registered some new set of model numbers. Macbook Air, 12 inch Macbook and Macbook Pro will have an update during WWDC 2017.
Size Matters
The size of iPad pro has increased from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inch.
Updated Apple Pay
An update to Apple Pay is expected that will allow users to transfer money among iphones.
IPad Pro
Apple might offer new range of ipad pro as it has registered some new set of model numbers.
Apple TV
Apple TV is another product that will experience updates in WWDC 2017. It is expected to stream 4K content in alignment with it’s TV OS news.
These could be built in app form for Android and will help to share data and short messages.
Video sharing
Sharing of video can be made possible with IOS 11, an extension to video editing app called clips that was launched earlier this year.
Sleep Monitoring
Apple recently purchased Beddit,  an app that monitors sleep patterns, respiration, snoring, humidity, bedroom temperature and heart rate. It makes it easy to learn about one’s sleep patterns
iPhone 8
Iphone 8 will not be a part of WWDC this time and is going to be unveiled in September this year.

WWDC 2017 an annual event by Apple Inc. brings forth many updations in hardware and software like Siri, Macbooks, iPads and more, for IOS app developers. Interested users can watch it on iphone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV and Windows 10. It is an attempt by Apple Inc. to showcase how some of its major platforms will evolve in coming year.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Top 5 Trends in Internet of Things on 2017

Every user requires a single access point instead of multiple interfaces which are well connected, smart and fast. Almost every industry is investing in Internet of Things (IoT) recently.

Keeping this in view, let’s discuss 5 topmost IOT trends to watch out for in year 2017:

  • Application Programming Interface (API’s)
  • Internet of Things Platforms
  • Security
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Blockchain

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

As a business owner, you might be having a terrific product or service and want to create an App to engage your customers more or to increase your revenues. But size, budget, lack of tech team, etc. can be obstacles for your in-house App development.
The solution is, to outsource your App development to the right Mobile App development company to execute your business App idea.
Step – 1 Defining your requirements for App Development
Be as clear as possible as to what your requirements for your App are
  • Who is the target customer?
  • What is going to be the key feature?
  • Is the App going to be free or paid?
  • What will be the revenue generation model?

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Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A complete cost break-up of Uber-like Taxi App development

A complete cost break-up of Uber-like Taxi App development

Uber revolutionized the world of Apps when it came up with the Taxi App in 2009. The App became a huge success and many companies have tried to follow suit to emulate the success.
So, if you want to design and build Taxi app clone, let us analyze the required features, time and cost to develop Taxi App:

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tips for Entrepreneurs to avoid basic mistakes during App Development & Marketing

Tips for Entrepreneurs

Mobile app Development is a trend now days. Having a dynamic app for your clients is quite a complex yet interesting process. The main aim of any successful app development company should be to focus on delivering user-friendly apps. App developers should keep in mind the target audience. With the market being open and friendly, App Entrepreneurs should know how to effectively develop and market it.